"What a year!" (2014)

Karl and the incredible 2014 harvest
Karl and the incredible 2014 harvest

Oct 8, 2014

My Hood (the North Willamette Valley, Oregon) has had one hell of a summer. Loads of sun (the grapes love it) with so many opportunities for relaxing with floating cocktails in the pool.

But now, with harvest rapidly approaching - I as winemaker, experience mixed and powerful emotions - great anxiety (what if Mother Nature throw us a curve ball like 2013), a certain amount of dread (it’s all coming too fast, I’m not ready and it will be over too soon) and a great deal of elation (this could be the vintage of the century!).

Torn between playing it safe, dropping fruit to hasten ripening (it’s so sad, wasting beautiful clusters so lovingly tended all season) or do I go for broke, risking all, hoping the Mother Nature will reward me with an Indian Summer? (my motto - if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room).

I often have trouble sleeping at night, go figure.



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